My first encounter with varietal Cabernet Franc wine made in Bulgaria was at the beginning of the new millennium. It was “Dzindzifkite” by “Damianitza”. I was fascinated. This handwritten label set the begging of my curiosity to these Bulgarian made varietal wines. I have also been curious for all other varieties that courageously entered the Bulgarian wineries since 1990, such as Pinot Noir, Sangiovese, Nebbiolo, Mourvedre and many others.


I found some of them attractive, others – not that much, but none could compare with the qualities demonstrated by Bulgarian Cabernet Franc. When the first “KA&TA Bulgarian wine” was issued I noticed that I am not the only one to appreciate this variety. Years have been passing by, wine producers have increased the presence of Cabernet Franc in their varietal and blended wines. And so, last year out of 33 fi ve-star wines two are from this grape variety and it is included in the blend of 11 others. This presentation is similar to the king of the grapes not only in Bulgaria - Cabernet Sauvignon. It is represented with 17 blends and one varietal wine in the five stars.

Last year, 16 wineries made Cabernet Franc varietal wines and their ratings are from 3 to 5 stars. The breakdown is as follows: one with 4.5 stars, 7 with 4, 4 with 3.5 and only 4 with 3 stars.

The result, purely statistical, for this year is fi ve Cabernet Franc wines with fi ve stars.

All that makes me believe that either Cabernet Franc develops much better than other red varieties in Bulgaria or our winemakers like it and pay greater attention to it.... or we just like these wines

Yassen Panov