In the decade when everything has its digital alternative, wine is not an exception. The knowledge and interest towards the world of wine increases and information becomes more accessible due to digital technology. The Internet has no borders – sites and blogs of magazines such as Wine Enthusi- ast, Decanter and gurus like Jancis Robinson, Tim Atkin, Jamie Goode and other in uencers in the US, France, Australia and Italy are followed by millions. The content is easily accessible and if you aim to broaden your wine knowledge, you certainly are in the right spot. And if you are on the advanced level, things get even more interesting and you can debate on various hot topics: the future development of Collio region, how the inoculation with cultured yeasts in uences terroir, to name a few.

The wine applications are another development that o ers extensive information in convenient format and they grew to become indispensable part of the lives of wine lovers and professionals. They are content-based around di erent topics, starting with the most practical usages and covering up to the fun part of the wine world with applications integrated with design functionalities. One thing is certain – in a world without borders to travel, shopping and learning, the digital tools for Android and iOS have unrivalled advantages. The wine apps can help you in many ways.

If you don’t want to risk by ordering an unfamiliar wine in a restaurant or shop, then you can take advantage of applica- tions that search information in large databases to help you make the right purchase. These applications use algorithms to scan wine labels and retrieve opinions and rankings, based on your preference and the preferences of your circle of friends, other wine enthusiasts or professionals. Applications such as Cellar Tracker, Vivino, Delectable and Drync serve as a library that stores entries with your tasting notes and wine cellar. If you aim to track a particular wine or nd it on the best possible price in Europe, Asia, the Americas or elsewhere, Wine Searcher is the right app for you. It checks databases with millions of wines, varying from everyday ones to rare vintages. Wine Searcher nds results even when you have very demanding criteria (e.g. an old vintage or an iconic wine). The added value of this type of applications is that they also provide information on regions, styles, varieties and news, which makes them encyclopedic in coverage.

The virtual sommeliers Wine Picker and Hello Vino combine archives and educational functions in one. They are devel- oped to help you make the right choice from the wine list and match it with food according to personal preferences. Al- though the idea for a virtual wine assistant is appealing, some of the apps are developed to serve speci c countries.

Stepping in the shoes of a winemaker is possible with apps like Ferm Calc and Wine Making Log, which lead you step by step in the winemaking process. Even if you are an absolute beginner, they help you stay hands on and in control throughout the complete winemaking process.

If you are health-oriented and want to monitor your wine consumption, there is a wide choice of personal health applications. AlcoDroid is developed to keep a diary of your wine consumption habits. These applications are useful for people on a diet that calls for a cut in alcohol consumption.

The applications with educational and tourist profile that promote the wines of different countries or regions are particularly popular. It’s worth checking the publisher because many are developed by professional bodies and offer in-depth understanding as well as impartial opinion. Their benefit is that they replace the bulky wine publications, and save us space while travelling. They are particularly useful if you need a quick reference and comprehensive information on the Eu- ropean countries with complicated appellation systems such as France and Germany.

If we also take into account the narrowly specialised applications: ones that o er information on wine events, help in passing professional exams or serve the business, the list will be even more extensive.

Elissaveta Zaharieva