Wine outlets

There are many places around the world where one can get wine. Enotecas, specialty stores, restaurants and many more. Nowadays, this can be done even without leaving our home, that is, placing an order and then having someone show up at the door with a box of the magical drink.

Wine, however, is like a book, like a painting and other pieces of art that you somehow want to see in real life, touch them, look around, talk about them, and eventually leave with some of the masterpieces.

This is where the Wine Shop comes into play and appears as a guidebook to the vast world of wine!

Welcome to wine paradise!

The rst and most important, I repeat, very important thing, in a specialty wine outlet are the people. Those people who will be as generous as possible in their conversations with guests, so that everyone is happy in the end. They will meet you and help you make your choice. You can taste some wine together (this is very useful), discuss it and, believe me, you will leave satisfied and happy!

We all know that a great part of the people drinking wine are intelligent and inquisitive. They always look for new things, stay informed, attend wine tastings, trainings, etc. This type of people are very well prepared and they have an educated search approach. If we are not one of these people, nothing should bother us when standing among walls covered with wine shelves. Relax! We are in the right place!

Ask, look around and you will understand!

Good and specialized wine outlets have a really huge selec- tion and there we can surely get lost. What to choose? What now!

It is not scary, everything is arranged and very well organized and working only for the bene t of wine consumers. Wines always have faces (labels), and besides the beautiful items on them, there is also plenty of information, especially if we look at the back label. It is good when you go out to choose some wine to allocate a bit more time to enjoy the atmosphere and select at ease some of the wine temptations. At the beginning it will be harder, so you may ask at will. So, what's so important on this label?! Well, there it is...

There you will nd out who produces this wine, what the vintage is, what varieties are in it and, what’s more, how much the alcohol percentage is, if it does or does not contain sul- phites, if it has been matured, if it is a reserve, and many other facts that would assist you in your choice.

First, however, we need to know which varieties we nd appealing. Whether we love Chardonnay more or we are pas- sionate about Merlot. Oh, there are also Riesling, and Viognier, Traminer, Sauvignon Blanc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Tempranillo, Mavrud, Rubin, Misket and many others. So... and as you will encounter countless wines from your favourite varieties, you will have to nd out some more details about them. From which region they come from, how they were made, the style they have, if they are light and airy or dense and lavish. All this will make it easier for you and you will leave happy with a bottle in hand. (Or maybe two or three...!)

Another very important factor in our choice of wine is what food we are going to pair it with.

They say that is a kind of art, and it really is, so that's where sales consultants will help you a lot on the spot. (Let’s hope they have learned their lessons well.) You want a light, slightly fresh red wine but you do not like meat. All right. Take a Pinot Noir and prepare some tuna sh (for example).

Try to experiment with both food and wine. This builds up your taste and will certainly bene t you.

A Wine Shop is like a library for wine drinkers! Taste and Share!

Ivan Makedonski