It seems that wine is a never-ending source of inspiration for the lm industry. "Sideways" and "A Good Year" gave birth to a new genre in this art. Here come the movies in which wine is not just part of the story but the main character. Or almost the main character. I love good movies about wine. Frankly, I also love bad movies about wine. They provoke me, make me dig in the books once again and discover new meanings in my favourite drink. I, hereby, present to you my personal ranking list of movies about wine. I have chosen those who not only entertain but also pose questions. I have still not found the answers to some of them. But as we all know the answer often lies at the bottom of the bottle.

Wine for the Confused (2004)

I cannot believe I discovered this jewel only a few months ago. This is supposed to be a documentary, with John Cleese as a narrator. As one can expect from him, he turns it into much more than that. Funny and with that casual British disrespect, Cleese introduces us to the basic wine terms. He travels through Santa Barbara, obviously having a good time, show- ering us with humour and knowledge. Who would guess that he was also infected by the wine virus? It's worth watching, even just for the pleasure of seeing him dwell on our sacred theme of wine. Only one thing can be said about this movie: "Bacchus rocks us. Cheers Mr. Cleese!"

Saint Amour (2016)

Gerard Depardieu is deeply connected to winemaking, pro- ducing wine in Bordeaux, Languedoc-Roussillon, Spain, Mo- rocco and Argentina. Making a comedy about wine was just a matter of time. There are tons of farce in this movie, but also some strange elegance and nesse. And, of course, a lot, but an awful lot of wine, that the characters drink, steal, exchange, drink again and nally... I will not spoil your pleasure, you will see for yourself.

Story of Wine (2008)

One of those subtle, unobtrusive and stylish movies that only Asians can make - one molecule of discretion, two molecules of re nement. An exclusive list of wines, each of them is presented with its history. Love, friendship, betrayal, sacri ce... there is a bit of everything.

The Vintner's Luck (2011)

An ambitious young boy from an Italian village wants not only to become a winemaker, but to create the nest wine in the world. The movie succeeds in conveying the confused relationships with his female inspirers and the way they a ect the wine. The inspirers themselves also deserve attention - his beautiful wife, the intellectual baroness and his personal... guardian angel. So, while the bullish wine-maker-to-be real- izes the meaning of faith and love, he creates the unique wine - sensual and sacred at the same time. There are such bottles, I know it. This movie reminded me of that.

El Camino del Vino (2010)

A famous sommelier loses his sense of smell and taste in the middle of a wine festival. To recover, he has to go back to his native place to find out why he ever engaged with wine and whether he really loves it. The most interesting thing is that the movie is featuring Michel Rolland. A little compensation after his unfortunate appearance in Mondovino. The lm is worth it - a pleasant tour through Argentina, beautifully shot, and a lot of talking about wine and drinking wine.

Mondovino (2004)

Talking about Michel Rolland, we cannot miss this movie. You will see the inner side of the wine world, in an impeccable and sometimes ruthless dissection of the industry. Yes, the movie is quite detailed and sometimes critical (to say the least) about winemaking. It also contains many conversations with Michel Rolland, the man whose wine-making style has become a world-wide model and success.

Blood Into Wine (2010)

My very favourite, my movie. I will only say - wine and rock. I will not tell you anything more. The Trip to Italy (2010) British comedians Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon, after their hit movie The Trip (2010), are on an even more wonderful trip to Italy. They go around Italy while eating, drinking and fighting. Flying along the way in their Mini Cooper convertible, they set o from Piedmont in northern Italy to the southern island of Capri, with slight detours across the hills of Tuscany, past the Amal coast and down to the Italian Riviera. If you want to plan an ideal vacation, it is not a bad idea to follow them on their way.

Somm (2013)

Still a documentary, but very funny. Featuring four men, real people. They are sommeliers and are in the last days before taking an exam for Master Sommelier. If they manage to pass it, they will get a title that only about 200 people in the world have. The lm is complex and complicated, just like ne wine. It tells a fascinating story about these four real sommeliers and their days before the greatest challenge in their lives. I learned a lot about wine from this movie, but the most impor- tant thing is that the true understanding of wine begins when you humble yourself in front of this vast ocean of avours and aromas. Watch it in the company of a bottle of German Riesling and prepare an aluminium box from tennis balls. No, I'm not going to tell you why. You will nd out in the first 10 minutes.

Maria Chalieva