district Haskovo, Harmanli 6450, 42 "Neofit Rilski" str.
Tel: +359 898 511 939
Coordinates: 41°55'49 "N 25°54'07" E

Malkata Zvezda was established in 2005 near the town of Harmanli in southeastern Bulgaria. The vineyards owned by the winery are situated in the area of the village of Kolarovo.

Tasted Wines 2013

Rosè, Enigma Syrah, Enigma Mavrud, Enigma Mavrud, Enigma Sveta Gora Cabernet Franc, Enigma Sveta Gora Palitra, Enigma Sveta Gora

Tasted Wines 2014

Traminer, Enigma Dimiat, Enigma Ugni Blanc, Enigma Chardonnay, Enigma Rose, Enigma White, Experience Red 2010, Experience Red 2009, Experience Cabernet Sauvignon, Experience Merlot 2010, Experience Merlot 2009, Experience Carmenere, Experience Syrah, Experience Mavrud, Experience Sveta Gora, Experience Rose, Palitra

Tasted Wines 2015

The wines have not been tasted.

Tasted Wines 2016

Rose, Enigma Viognier, Enigma Chardonnay, Enigma Sauvignon Blanc, Enigma Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc and Viognier, Enigma Syrah, Enigma Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Pamid, Enigma Merlot, Enigma Cabernet Franc, Enigma Merlot boutique, MZ Essence, Sveta Gora Enigma Enigma Expirience, Sveta Gora Enigma Harmony Enigma, Sveta Gora Enigma Cabernet Sauvignon, Sveta Gora Enigma Mavrud, Sveta Gora Enigma Merlot, Sveta Gora Enigma

Tasted Wines 2017

Rosé, Enigma Chardonnay, Enigma Traminer, Enigma Syrah, Enigma Cabernet Franc, Enigma Mavrud, Enigma Cabernet Sauvignon, Enigma Merlot, Enigma Rosé, MZ Rosé, Terroir White, Terroir White, Essence Red, Essence Quatro, Essence Harmony Experience

Tasted Wines 2018

Rosé, Enigma Chardonnay, Enigma Traminer, Enigma Cabernet Sauvignon, Enigma Syrah, Enigma Merlot, Enigma

Tasted Wines 2019

Cabernet Sauvignon, Enigma Mavrud, Enigma Syrah, Enigma Chardonnay, Enigma Traminer, Enigma Rose, Enigma Experience, Essence Chardonnay barrique, Essence Rubin reserve, MZ Malkata Zvezda