district Shumen, village of Tsarev Brod 9747, Mezarlak area
Tel.: +359 889 266 897
Oenologist: Nikolay Krastev
Viticulturist: Deian Petkov
Coordinates: 43°20'56.1"N, 27°00'44.4"E
Wine tastings and cellar tours are available upon prior reservation.

The winery was built in 2015 and, as of 2016, there is a modern tasting room. The vineyards are located in the village of Tsarev Brod and currently there are 27 ha with an average altitude of 250 meters above sea level. The area is rich in historical sites – the Madara Horseman, the first Bulgarian capital Pliska and Shumen Fortress.

Tasted Wines 2016

The wines of the winery have not been tasted.

Tasted Wines 2017

Pinot Noir Traminer Sepage Sauvignon Blanc Riesling Rosé de Pinot

Tasted Wines 2018

Rosé de Pinot, Tsarev Brod Chardonnay, Tsarev Brod Pinot Noir, Tsarev Brod

Tasted Wines 2019

Gergana Sauvignon Blanc, Tsarev Brod Traminer, Tsarev Brod Sepage, Tsarev Brod Pinot Noir, Tsarev Brod Amber Harvest, Tsarev Brod

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